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Audit and Assurance

Audit & Accountancy

Audit and Assurance Services

Pioneer One offer premier Audit and Assurance services to its esteemed customers. Financial statement audits give assurance over information of Accounting & Book Keeping used by investors and the capital markets – a responsibility to the public interest. However, assurance can be applied to all of the information that is used to manage, govern, transact with and invest in an organization. The market is demanding more accountability and transparency from companies in all aspects of their business. Assurance on non – financial information can help instill confidence in the important decisions that management makes on behalf of an organization. Pioneer Audit professionals take very seriously to create better audit evidence and gain deeper insights, and exploring the role auditors can and should play by engaging stakeholders to better understand their views through Pioneer ‘Value of Audit’ forum. Pioneer One professionals – innovating to better serve the capital markets and society as a whole.

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What We Do

Pioneer One is Fully equipped to provide a comprehensive bouquet of audit services by well qualified and experienced CA to it clientele.It’s not just what we do at Pioneer one that matters; we also pay devotion to how we do it. Our values are our core principles.

Statutory audit support

Statutory Audit is a type of audit which is mandated by Law to ensure true and fair view of the book of accounts of a Business which is presented to the Regulators and the Public. Guided by the principle of independence, Pioneer One audit team provides Statutory audit reports that meet the current auditing standards, and provides audit opinions on the authenticity and equity of financial statements and accounting records, as well as the consistency of accounting process.

Tax audit support

Pioneer One offers its clients excellent tax audit support and tax dispute resolution service. Our services also include simulations of audit activities carried out by the tax authorities in order to assess and increase efficiency of preparation to tax audits. We can handle both administrative resolutions and legal actions / recourse.

Transfer Pricing audit

Pioneer one bring in a depth of experience that instills great confidence. Our Professionals  will integrate transfer pricing into financial, management and statutory reporting, quickly and efficiently. Our experts understands the importance of coordinated effort and work closely with operations, tax and finance personals to enable efficient audit process.

Internal audit

Our Internal audit team has highly skilled professionals to solve many common problems with apt solutions. We aldo improve the quality and effectiveness of the internal audit process by advising and assisting in the development of internal audit and risk management methodologies. Our professional not only assist in hazard avoidance and compliance but also in risk management, business process improvement, Information Technology, Purchase-to-Pay process, Order-to-Cash process, regulatory compliance, etc.

Concurrent audit

Concurrent Audits is a process of systematic and timely examination of financial transactions on a regular basis in order to ensure accuracy, authenticity and compliance of the transactions. Pioneer One  Concurrent Auditing attempts to reduce the interval between a transaction and its verification. We believe and strive to do substantive checks in important areas rather than test checking. Our endeavour is to conduct concurrent audits as per the scope of the entity

Inventory audit

Pioneer one provides an effective and efficient Inventory audit service. Our experts believes in teamwork so they coordinates closely with the inventory team of the organization to understand the internal dynamics. This allows the organization to benefit from the cost effectiveness of outsourcing and the flexibility and responsiveness of an internal operation. Our inventory audits are done in a timely manner and is customized to the  specific standards and needs of the organization.

Fixed Assets audit

Pioneer One provides top class asset audit and tracking services to our corporate clients. It includes data collection, reconciliation, detection of discrepancies, Follow ups and advising necessary changes

Compliance audit

Compliance audit by Pioneer One provides a comprehensive insight into the functioning and effectiveness of management processes. We provides an independent assurance to the audit board regarding management compliance status thereby adding value to Corporate Governance. We identify high-risk areas and suggest suitable measures for risk management, evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal compliance monitoring mechanism, provide an assurance to the audit committee board about the policies of the company vis-à-vis the various compliance rules.

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