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Audit & Accountancy


Business compliance is a catch-all term for how well a company’s follows the laws and regulations governing its business irrespective of the size of the business. Once a company is setup, the organization has to meet initial and ongoing statuary requirements. We perform a comprehensive diagnostic check for compliance issues. Our compliance service covers everything from keeping track of important meetings to following the IRS tax code. Our Expert business Compliance team provides necessary rectifications and advice necessary course correction to be taken for ensuring a fully compliant and risk free business environment.

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What We Do

Pioneer One is an Energetic team comprising experienced professionals from different domains. Our compliance team has experts in commercial law, Labour law, AML and cost accounting. we assist our clients in becoming fully compliant with all the statutory compliances.

General and commercial laws

Commercial law guides and regulates all commercial transactions, activities, and relationships existing between and among all business entities, regulatory authorities, business supporting agencies, means of transportation, and consumers. Commercial law is of paramount importance for smooth, fair, and profitable conduct of businesses in every sector of commerce and economy. Pioneer One consulting has top notch legal experts who are well versed and hands on in handling issues in commercial law and provide expert advice & legal service to our clients.

Labor laws

Pioneer one conduct labour audits from a ‘Principal Employer’s’ perspective. Our professionals keep a check on the applicability of the provisions in Labour laws, remittances of contributions under PF, ESI, Labour Welfare  & Profession Tax and effectively identify and record discrepancies in remittance. Thorough checks are conducted regarding the validity of Licenses & Registration Certificates and scrutinize the contents of the periodical returns. We prepare a comprehensive audit report encompassing the compliance status, implications of non-compliances, and provide an advisory note, to helps our clients. We also perform audits for clients to check the compliance status of their third-party service providers engaged under ‘The Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970’.

Transaction based compliance

Pioneer one provides a robust and experienced team for Transaction Based Compliance audits. Anti Money Laundering compliance depend on accurate and timely information. AML compliance audits relies on verifying thousands of transactions and matching them against risk profiles.

Maintenance of Cost Accounting Records

Maintenance of  Cost Accounting Records helps the organization to have control over their operations and costs with a view to achieve optimum economics in utilization of resources. Pioneer one team of domain experts assists its clients in Implementing Cost and Management Accounting,  Compliance with Cost Accounting Standards, compliance with the latest cost accounting record notifications, and Setting up records like Activity Based Cost Management, Balanced Score Cards, Performance Management, etc.We Conduct Internal Audit of Statutory Cost Records to ensure continuous improvement and optimization of resource productivity.

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