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Transfer Pricing

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Transfer Pricing

Pioneer one Expert professionals offer tailor made solutions by analysing the nature and the extent of the international transactions done. We have a specialized Transfer Pricing team that is competent to assist you and your organization. Our teams provide complete hand holding in preparation for a tax enquiry, investigation or appellate matters and are your business partners in dealing with regulatory authorities. Transfer pricing professionals provide effective guidance to your finance teams in maintaining country files and support you in defending the same. Pioneer one advises over a thousand foreign nationals in structuring tax equalised salary contracts and meeting annual tax compliances in India. Our teams have rich experience in routine cross border tax issues viz. royalty & FTS, dividend repatriation, management fee, cost contribution arrangements, tax credits etc.

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What We Do

Our multi-disciplinary team of Transfer pricing experts assists our clients in handle transfer pricing with ease. we provide the following services

Assist in fixing prices for cross border transactions

Our Transfer Pricing experts assist our clients in fixing transfer pricing transactions  in arm’s length price . We help our clientele to fix transfer prices for cross border transactions while  considering the complexities and nature of the work. We help organizations to better manage risks and prepare for substantial growth.

Transfer pricing analysis, study & documentation

Our team of Transfer pricing experts examines the pricing of transactions between two or more related associates. By applying and documenting various test methods, it is determined whether the transactions are conducted under market conditions and survive the scrutiny by IRS and other tax authorities. All organizations are required to analyze their international transaction with respect to the Transfer Pricing Regulation and adhere to it by maintaining proper transaction records and documents. We have a highly skilled and experienced team which work together with multinational clients and their legal and tax consultants to deliver high standard of counseling and support practice,

Safe Harbour Rules advisory

Safe harbour rules provide for circumstances in which a certain category of taxpayers can follow a simple set of rules under which transfer prices are automatically accepted by the revenue authorities. Safe harbour provisions offer benefits to taxpayers and tax administrators with compliance relief, administrative simplicity and certainty. Our Transfer price experts has up to date knowledge and provide timely and apt advice to our clients and help in Defining the eligibility for safe harbour, Computation of operating profits and its acceptability to Income Tax Authorities, Approval process and subjectivity in approvals, Administrative implementation of the provisions

Handling transfer pricing assessments

Transfer Pricing assessments  will require the full attention of a number of auditors, involving meetings,  review of numerous documents and records, site visits, the analysis of financial and economic data, an understanding of the taxpayer’s business. Our assessment team is a multi-disciplinary team of auditors possessing legal, accounting, economic and valuation expertise helping in handling Transfer pricing assessments for our clients.

Representation before transfer pricing authorities

we undertake representation of our clients before Transfer Pricing authorities. Our experienced Professionals achieve excellent results in many areas from preparation for a fiscal audit through remarks on protocols to judicial proceedings. we undertake continuous representation of our clients and are in constant touch with the tax authorities.

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