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Goods and Service Tax


Goods & Services Tax

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is India’s biggest tax reforms which has paved a way for India to become a single market. GST is a destination based indirect tax applicable on all transactions involving supply of Goods and services for a consideration. Pioneer one offers professional support for GST. Our expert professionals help you to understand the nitty-gritty of gst as it is still evolving and deliver high class service to transact with any kind of gst related issues.

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Indirect Tax Compliance Management – Complete Indirect Tax Outsourcing

Indirect tax outsourcing covers tax computation, preparation of returns, filing of returns, assist in responding to queries raised by tax authorities, guiding and providing assistance in department audits, routine advisory and other support services.

How we may be of help to you?
  • Support throughout the outsourcing process
  • Proactive approach towards clients’ business requirements
  • Technical and industry experience, backed by sophisticated infrastructure and skilled professionals
  • Identify and address areas of non-compliances, if any
  • Identify and address areas of possible tax exposures, if any
  • Identify and address areas of possible savings, if any
  • Assist in implementing the recommendations / closing the gaps
  • On-call advice at a macro level on specific issues / queries raised in the course of day-to-day operations related to indirect taxes
  • Review contracts and other key documents and provide comments thereon from tax perspective
  • Preparation / review of GST Returns
  • Conducting annual audits
  • Assistance in assessments and representation before the authorities
  • Advise on the structuring of invoices, credit notes, debit notes and other related documents
  • Assistance in obtaining GST registrations or migrating existing registrations
  • Guidance in relation to the manner of recovering tax from customers
  • Assistance in preparation and uploading of statutory forms for transition of credits
  • Evaluating and updating the eligibility and transferability of existing input tax credits
  • Guidance on eligibility of specific credits that could be available under GST regime
  • Analysing position on availability of input tax credits – credit restrictions or additional tax credits on procurements of goods and services
  • Assistance in connection with Letter of Undertaking / Bond procedures
Areas in which you may require assistance though not limited to the below:
Taxable Event in GST Supply of Goods Supply of Services
Value of Taxable Supply of Goods and Services Exemption from GST Small Taxable Persons – Exemptions and Composition Scheme
Classification of Goods and Services Input Tax Credit Input Service Distributor
Person Liable to Pay Tax Reverse Charge Place of Supply of Goods and Services within India
Place of Supply in case of Export or Import of Goods and Services Exports and Imports and SEZ Supplies Time of Supply of Goods and Services
Registration Tax Invoice, Debit and Credit Notes Payment of Taxes by Cash and Through Input Tax Credit
Filing of Returns Job Work Assessment and Audit
Demands and Recovery Refunds Electronic Commerce
Transitional Provisions Scope of Supply and Levy of GST Principle of Classification and Rate Fixation
Payment under Reverse Charge Composition Levy Letter of Undertaking / Bond procedures

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What We Do

Pioneer one assist your company to analyze all the different GST implications and provide you an your organization  with a comprehensive analysis of the appropriate GST treatments that need to be done.

Pre-implementation GST Study

Businesses face many procedural and practical issue in fulfilling with the GST necessities. Therefore, it is important for you to understand clearly the GST handlings and inferences on the business transactions to avoid penalties.. We understand that every business is unique and impacts of gst will also be unique so we conduct pre implementation study and advice appropriate measures and precautions to be undertaken.

GST Returns Preparation & Filing

Pioneer One’s GST Experts assist your organization in timely compliance with gst. We help by assisting in preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, and annual returns. We always ensure that we and our experts stay updated with the latest changes and amendments in gst so that our clients can reap the benefits and avoid any tax risks effectively

GST Tax Risk Management

Albert Einstein said that “The hardest thing in the world is to understand is the Income tax”. In India this stands similarly true for indirect taxes as well.

GST Tax Risk Management Service is a comprehensive review program premeditated to support GST-registered businesses to determine their level of GST risks with regards to the overall control of the commercial processes.

This review would cover the controls neighboring the preparation of the GST returns, output tax and input tax considerations faced by your company. If need be, our review program will assess your current accounting system’s functionalities to detect any  inaccurate information or booboos passed on in the process of preparing the GST returns and provide effective measures to avoid such occurrences.

Technical Opinion on GST Implications

GST seeks to levy tax on value addition at each stage of the value chain and remove the cascading effect of tax and possibility of double taxation by providing seamless input tax credit across the country.   We wok in collaboration to improve systems and practices. We provide technical opinion for your gst related queries and also Keep you informed of all the latest updates or changes in the GST laws, regulations, orders etc., and its implications on your business.

GST Dispute Resolution

Pioneer one Gst Dispute resolution team is a multifaceted team which tries to understand the situation and provide the best possible solution. We effectively present your case to the respective authorities (GST) and if required appeal to the GST appeal Tribunal.

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